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ACE RADIUS library is open-source implementation of RADIUS protocol as defined in RFC 2865 and 2866. The project is mainly targeted for developers and provides a highly portable and very efficient RADIUS stack that may be used in a wide range of products - from RADIUS servers to VoIP phones. BSD license enables use of the library both in open-source and commercial products.

ACE RADIUS library is implemented in C++ language and uses automake/autoconf toolchain for multi-platform support. The code uses portable POSIX APIs and is supported on Linux, Solaris and other POSIX-compliant platforms. Windows platform support is provided as well via the use of Winsock2 library. In particular the following plaforms were tested:

The project is currently in Beta stage, however it should be stable enough for production environment.

You can download the latest library version from Download page.

If you have any questions or problems - please use Public Forum or write a mail to project developers.

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